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Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs (in-house, remote, on-site) - enhance efficiency & impede breakdowns / hacking: Spyware - Adware - Malware - Viruses Removal, Performance Optimizations, Wireless Router Security, Hardware & Software Installations, Data Backup & Recovery; Dust Removal

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Media Streaming

Kodi & Live TV Media Streaming Support - keep up to date with the latest builds & more! Cut the cable cord and SAVE $$$ - streaming your favorite Sports, Movies, TV Shows, & Music - including Pay Per View - multiple languages - all for FREE!

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Other Services

Skills Development, Math Tutoring, Videography, Photography, Custom Stationary, Digital Presentations, Software Testing, Website Development & Hosting

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When’s the last time you felt a little joy using technology in your environment? However the pandemic has affected you – Dean’s Consulting Services has the quality technical support services that will keep you moving forward!

COVID-19 RESPONSE – Dean’s Consulting Services

Greetings, Friends, Neighbours & Valued Clients,

Dean K. Anderson, B.Sc, B.Ed.

I’m writing to you today to share what Dean’s Consulting Services has been doing in response to COVID-19 being in our midst the past ywo years. Like you, I am watching it shift and shape every facet of our lives. I have been delivering information technology services to clients for over 40 years and during these most uncertain times, I remain committed delivering information technology services – safely – to provide the comfort and information needed to address your technical issue encountered.

Safety is the most important part of any business still operating today. Safety of my customers. Safety of myself as a solution provider. It is what guides all of my decisions and my processes today. I continue to work closely with my clients to incorporate guidance from governments and leading health authorities, while implementing changes and safety measures to protect every interaction I have as your IT guy and with the public.

On behalf of Dean’s Consulting Services, thank you.


Dean K. Anderson, BSc, BEd
Owner of Dean’s Consulting Services
Experience, Expertise, Excellence – At Your Service has become a point of personal pride.

Blessing Lives. Delivering Solutions.

If you’re looking for technical support, Dean’s Consulting Services seeks to give back to the community through offering professional computer repair and technical support services at affordable pricing via client collaborations, and partnerships to help clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters – their personal lives and core business. Through our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our clients stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape and maximize their overall success. Dean is fully committed to applying 30+ years of solid IT skills development, and learning new and creative approaches to solving technical issues.

For any specific technical support that you need or if you have any specific questions, please – Text or Call: 902-877-1077 or use our Contact Page to send us an email.

We Are Here for YOU – to Fix Computer Issues and to Help YOU Solve Technical Problems”

Work with us and allow us to accelerate providing technical solutions to deliver dream-team outcomes.

Add Value to Your Life – See how we can help you. One CALL that’s ALL – 902-877-1077

Food for Thought: After how many years should you replace a desktop or laptop computer running Windows?

Remote Support is available in most cases. You will be required to contact Dean to arrange for the provision of technical support remotely. As well, you may be required to click the image below, download and Install the TeamViewer Quick Support App.

Hello There, Internet Friend!  How May I Help You?

Welcome to Dean’s Consulting Services. It’s great to meet you! Thank you for considering us in obtaining IT support for your technology needs. With our busy lives we don’t always have the time, skills, knowledge and resources to deal with computer issues.

Finding the right solution for your Information Technology needs and then implementing it successfully is a daunting task.  There is nothing like experience. The right person, in the right place, at the right time, changes everything!  Dean’s Consulting Services has the experience and knowledge to help you identify and implement the most appropriate solution for your home or business technology needs.  Run by a friendly, intelligent and outgoing man who is always eager to help with any technology needs – Dean’s mission is to is to provide service excellence – quality service, patience, quick turnaround time, and excellent pricing for your technology needs.

Dean’s Consulting Services is an established family-owned provider of computer repair, Information Technology (IT) services, skills development and media streaming support for people of all ages to enjoy – Live TV and On-Demand – sports, movies, TV shows, and music – multiple languages – anywhere, anytime, has been delivering services around the world since 2004.   In partnership with clients throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, surrounding areas and abroad, we strive to provide innovative information technology solutions to meet technical objectives.  We have the technical expertise you need when you need support.   

We are pleased to offer on-site & remote services contracts. Completely customizable to any size business or residential household, you only buy the service or services that you need. Perfect for smaller businesses and households that don’t have a dedicated IT person. For a fraction of the cost of hiring someone, you can have a seasoned IT professional come to your place of business or home to fix any problems that might arise. We offer 6 month and yearly contracts so fitting into the budget is easier.

If you are interested in seeking support from a Highly Skilled individual who is Accountable, Trustworthy, Adaptable, Proactive, Organized, Supportive, Empathetic, Effective, Efficient, Flexible, Calm, Poised and Reasonably Affordable – you don’t have to look any further…

Please let Dean know how he can help you and let’s see what a difference he can make.  Helping people and making a difference is what Dean is most passionate about.  He has earn his success based on service to others, not at the expense of others…  Be Informed. Be Aware. Be Assured – You are in good hands with Dean’s Consulting Services.  Don’t Delay, Call Dean Today!  902-877-1077

Purpose & Core Values

Our Purpose

  • Continually deliver strategic value to our client on a daily basis, utilizing effective processes, technologies and our core values in order to promote growth and advantage for our client.

Our Core Values:

  • Operational Excellence:
    -> We continuously strive to be faster and better – always with quality and integrity in mind – as we demonstrate a high degree of logical problem solving ability.
  • Customer Partnership
    -> We approach every client with a view to build a professionally enduring relationship – together, we win.
  • Integrity & Accountability
    -> We have the intellectually honesty to refuse opportunities that we cannot fulfill to the satisfaction of our clients, but once we commit we stand accountable
  • Result Orientation
    -> We leverage technology and embrace innovation with a single-minded focus of delivering leadership results for our clients
  • Flexibility
    -> We adapt our services and solutions to enable us to exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Global Autonomy
    -> We ensure global standards, while enabling local autonomy, to deliver high-quality, responsive, and personalized service

Why Choose Dean’s Consulting Services?

Save time, money and hours of frustrations work with a professional who gets results!

  • Your One Stop Resource for IT Support – Disciplined, Reliable & Focused
  • Highly skilled at analyzing root cause of technical issues and driving to correct issues from repeat occurrences
  • Committed to Service Excellence – Simply Delivered with passion, devotion and client focus
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • We Get the Job Done!
  • Budget Friendly, Flat Fee Service Model – regardless of time and effort involved to resolve the issue(s)
  • Avoid Hidden Fees & Unnecessary Services
  • Free Estimates
  • Flexible on-site or remote evening support
  • 30 Plus Years IT Experience serving the residential and commercial communities and their technology needs
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Location Independence
  • 30 Days – FREE  phone support
  • Independently and Locally Owned & Operated
  • Solid Experience – Leading, Managing, and Teaching
  • Quality Service – Delivered Promptly with Thoroughness, Integrity & Flexibility
  • Secure Online Payment options
  • Senior & Student Discounts available upon request

Feel free to peruse Dean’s cover letter and/or resume for more details about his professional qualifications and experiences.

Let us know if you would be interested in scheduling a call & we will be pleased to explain our services in detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!

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What Do Customers Say? 

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Conclusion: Is Contacting Dean’s Consulting Services Worth it? 

Is Dean’s Consulting Services for you? If you want to maximize use of technology and you are tired of wrestling with resolving technical issues yourself – then YES!

Dean’s Consulting Services will be well worth it for you. Don’t waste time – Save time, money and hours of frustrations. Try our amazing services – work with a professional who gets results!






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