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Dean’s Consulting Services is pleased to offer on-site & remote services contracts. Completely customizable to any size business or residential household, you only buy the service or services that you need. Perfect for smaller businesses and households that don’t have a dedicated IT person. For a fraction of the cost of hiring someone, you can have a seasoned IT professional come to your place of business or home to fix any problems that might arise. We offer 6 month and yearly contracts so fitting into the budget is easier.


Don’t waste time and experience hours of frustrations using a sluggish computer

It’s recommended that your computer should be cleaned inside and out at least once a year and your system checked regularly.   When was the last time yours was done?

Standard Maintenance Checking include:

  • Checking the Antivirus and Windows Updates are up to date
  • Running a scan for viruses, adware and Spyware
  • Running a scandisk/defrag
  • Clearing out any temp folders, cookies, cache, recycling bin etc..
  • Clean dust out of airvents, fans and heatsinks to prevent possible problems

Should you require technical support for a standard computer maintenance check, an experienced IT professional will remote to your computer, or come to your home or business to solve computer or networking problems.  We have years of computing experience delivering IT support and computer repairs to resolve a wide range of computer issues.  Normally, we are able to diagnose and fix problems and offer you a solution within a short amount of time.  In most cases, delivery of services can be provided remotely.

We also offer the following computer maintenance services:

 Spyware/Adware/Malware/Viruses Removal, Performance Optimizations, Wireless Router Security, Hardware & Software Installations, Data Backup & Recovery, Purchases

Typical calls we receive include:

– “My system won’t startup”
– “My system won’t shutdown”srv_repair2
– “I can’t get on the Internet”
– “My computer seems to be running slowly”
– “My programs crash all the time”
– “I can’t find my files”
– “My monitor is flickering”
– “There’s nothing on my monitor”
– “I think my PC has a virus”
– “There is no picture on the screen”
– “My computer is making a funny noise”
– “My computer keeps freezing-up”
– “How do I access my e-mail?”
– “Kodi keeps freezing”
– “How do I fix Kodi buffering issues?”
– “How do I make sure my data is safely wiped before getting rid of my computer?”

Save time, money and hours of frustration…

Work with a professional who gets results!



Is your computer slow?

Are you concerned about privacy  or  viruses issues?


Get The Ultimate Care Package

  • Removal of Spyware & Adware
  • Removal of Malware & Viruses
  • Security Updates
  • System Optimization & Cleaning
  • Dust & Dirt Removed *
  • Prevention Programs Installed !!!
    ( Adware, Malware, Anti-virus )

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