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Oracle Testing



Need help Quality Assurance Testing a Software Application or Website?

Working with Dean’s Consulting services will allowed dialogue to extend the scope of its testing and to perform regression tests to make sure a flawed product doesn’t move to production.

Exploratory Testing
Tester explores your application or website to make sure it is working correctly. Testing experience is used to find reproducible bugs in a timely manner.

Test Case Execution
Tester confirms a checklist outlining features and paths through your app or website. We can also create the test cases to save you time.

Feel free to peruse Dean’s cover letter and/or resume for more details about his professional qualifications and experiences and how he can help you.


frustrated-computer-issuesComputer Repairs

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SAVE $$$ watching & listening to things you like…

Internet Streaming - Free - Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music
Streaming – Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music

Need help to save thousands of dollars streaming Sports, Movies, TV Shows, and Music – multiple languages – for FREE?

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Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing

Need help creating custom stationary

Featured Projects include:

50th Wedding Anniversary
50th Wedding Anniversary

40th Birthday Party Invitation
6th Birthday Party Invitation
75th Birthday Party Invitation
Poster – Winds of Change – Book Launch
Poster – The Love of God V – Gospel Concert
Company Brochure


Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing

Need help digitizing precious memories?  We provide a comprehensive range of digital services and solutions to our customers – Photography, Videography, Video Editing, DVD Mastering, Video Photo Albums, Flash Slide Shows, Transferring of VHS to DVD video, Audio File Editing, Scanning of pictures, Restoration of pictures, and more.

Digital Videos are the ultimate art form for celebrating the most precious moments of your life.

Our specialty is transforming your precious and memorable photos into an emotional slide show to be presented at your wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, graduations, etc.  This dynamic video slide show is called a video album and is available in High Definition.

Your video album will be the talk of your special occasion, and won’t leave a dry eye in the room!

These albums are a beautiful way to share the story of your life with others and are the ultimate gift for your loved ones.  Create a tribute for a retiree or graduate, give one to mom for Mother’s Day, your father for Father’s Day, show your video slideshow at a 50th anniversary party, or honor a deceased love one at a Homegoing celebration!   Your video album will quickly become a family heirloom, treasured by the generations to come!

Featured Projects include:

Website Design & Hosting
Website Design & Hosting

Need help creating, maintaining, or hosting a website?

Feel free to read more about our website development services.

Featured Projects include:

Dean’s Consulting Services
Lawrence R. Jessome Law Office
Upper Hammonds Plains Community Development Association
JRJ Chair in Black Canadian Studies
DAN-X Incorporated
Simmons Paving Company Ltd.
Jordan’s Delights
Dean’s Personal Website
Gender Research in Africa into ICTs for Empowerment


Sharpening Your Computer Skills
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